Why the HydroCision SpineJet System Makes Sense for Your Practice

HydroCision's SpineJet technology uses a high-velocity water stream with Venturi suction to cut and aspirate tissue simultaneously. It provides precise, predictable nucleus removal for decompression, regardless of disc hydration.

It's Efficient and Controlled

  • Simultaneously and precisely cuts and aspirates nucleus, reducing procedural time
  • Power-driven nucleus removal allows you to accurately control the quantity of disc removed
  • Sterile, disposable access set and hand pieces permit faster set-up, eliminating the need to clean, inspect, and sterilize before each procedure

Designed with Safety in Mind

  • Cool, fluid-based cutting action eliminates the risk of thermal tissue damage
  • Round, blunt PercResector tip reduces risks of annular puncture and endplate damage
  • Percutaneous approach eliminates the need for nerve root manipulation thereby decreasing risk of postoperative radicular pain secondary to neurofibrosis
  • One-step, seamless insertion of dilator and cannula ensures smooth, atraumatic entry into the disc space for dilation and avoids cutting annular fibers
  • Retrograde nucleus consumption

Meaningful Tissue Removal Is the Key to Effective Disc Decompression

  • Predictably removes precise amount of nucleus to decompress the nerve root in 2 to 3 minutes
  • Ablates tissue efficiently, regardless of patient's age and disc hydration
  • Small dilated annulotomy reduces risk of reherniation

The HydroDiscectomy Access Cannula Set is designed specifically for HydroDiscectomy procedures

  • Offers optimal positioning within the disc nucleus
  • Creates a small annular defect while allowing fanning action of the PercResector for increased targeted tissue resection

How Patients Benefit

  • Outpatient procedure
  • Fast recovery: back to work quickly
  • Less pain
  • No bone removal
  • No trauma to back muscles
  • No general anesthesia
  • No heat damage to surrounding tissue
  • Dilated annulotomy reduces reherniation risk
  • Preserves down stream surgical options
  • 84% success rate in avoiding surgery (current data)
  • 98% improvement in postoperative pain assessment

Quickly and safely evacuate the nucleus pulposus. The SpineJet PercResector provides predictable nucleus removal for adequate decompression.

Removes approximately 2.3 grams of nuclear material in two to three minutes regardless of disc hydration.