HydroCision Announces Results from a Newly Published, Multi-Center Study demonstrating 94% Improvement in Back and Leg Pain

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., January 11, 2013 -- HydroCision Inc., a privately held medical device company, today announced the results of a multi-center study published in the January edition of the Internet Spine Journal demonstrating a 94% improvement in back and leg pain for patients receiving Hydrodiscectomy. It has been estimated that more than 60 million people worldwide experience chronic lower back and leg pain, which is often caused by herniated or 'bulging' spinal discs, a leading cause of disability among Americans less than 45 years of age. The study consisted of a retrospective analysis of 50 patients who received the Hydrodiscectomy procedure after failing conservative treatment such as pain medications, physical therapy and epidural steroid injections.

HydroCision Introduces the "Walk in/Walk out" Option for Treatment of Herniated Discs

BILLERICA, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HydroCision Inc. (www.hydrocision.com) announces the launch of its new SpineJet®Percutaneous Access Set for use in herniated disc procedures using its novel cutting-with-water fluidjet technology. Dr. Gabrielle Jasper, Director, Center for Pain Control, Brick, New Jersey reports, "The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis - my patients return home the same day with no more than a Band-Aid on their back and can return to work much sooner than with traditional surgery. Also, HydroDiscectomy reduces the need for pain medications. The HydroSurgery approach made possible by the SpineJet Percutaneous HydroDiscectomy System provides physicians with great new tools, empowering us to perform truly minimally invasive percutaneous discectomy procedures that lead to improved clinical outcomes and faster patient recovery."

HydroCision Introduces a New Low Profile Device For Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Discectomy Market

BILLERICA, Mass., December 8, 2009 - HydroCision Inc. (www.hydrocision.com) announces the launch of its new low profile SpineJet® EndoResector for use in herniated disc procedures using its novel cutting-with-water fluidjet technology. "This new instrument designed to work through any endoscope with a 3.1 mm working channel is now compatible with most spinal endoscopes available today," says Doug Daniels, President and CEO of HydroCision. The Company's SpineJet Endoscopic HydroDiscectomy System uses a high velocity water jet to simultaneously cut and remove nucleus to decompress herniated (bulging) discs quickly, safely, and effectively - without the collateral thermal or mechanical trauma of other surgical modalities - providing relief to patients suffering from lower back and/or leg pain. This new HydroDiscectomy procedure bridges the gap between conservative therapy and invasive open surgery.

Procedure Aims to Relieve Back Pain

In this newspaper article, Karen Gardner reports on a new procedure, percutaneous HydroDiscectomy, to relieve back pain. This revolutionary procedure is one that involves no surgery and uses fewer drugs. Dr. Atif Malik, Advanced Pain Management Services describes the procedure: "HydroDiscectomy enables doctors to reach a long, slender probe into the spinal disc. It sucks out the water out of the anulus surrounding the disc. Once the fluid ... and any bulges are removed, pain is decreased."

Fix Your Aching Back, Rebuild Your Shrinking Brain

Melissa Healy of the Los Angeles Times writes that chronic pain can bring on problems of memory and concentration. She reports on a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience that found that changes in the brain resulting from chronic pain can be reversed when the pain is effectively treated.