Dr. Farid -- Pain Management Specialist

"Percutaneous HydroDiscectomy offers a very good new way of treating pain without having to go to open laminectomy and discectomy. It's great to see patients return to normal levels of activity [following the procedure] and play with their kids, walk their dog, golf, and do the things they like."

Dr. Gannon -- Interventional Pain Management Specialist & Anesthesiologist

"Every patient treated to date with this technique has reported 90-100% pain relief within 48 hours of the procedure. I would strongly encourage other physicians to consider using this technology. It's the most effective and aggressive technique for percutaneous discectomy that's available."

Dr. Prvulovic -- Interventional Pain Management Specialist & Anesthesiologist

"It's a very easy procedure. It's a very safe procedure with anecdotally great outcomes. Some outcomes I've followed up to 3 years, and the patients are doing wonderfully!"

Dr. Algendy - Interventional Pain Management Specialist and Anesthesiologist

"Using water is a good idea because many times we deal with discs that are very dry and difficult to remove compared to other techniques. I find high pressure water better to work with. "